New blog about design and developer tools

I can't resist anymore. I have to start blogging.

First things first - an introduction. My name is Kirill Osenkov and one could say that I'm a software developer who develops software for software developers. That puts it quite nicely - my main interests are currently in the design and architecture of developer tools. I spent two summer internships at Microsoft working with the DSL Tools team. I learned a lot there, especially about using DSLs to raise expressiveness while modeling and programming. In July 2007 I finished my Master's Thesis, where I built an experimental structured (syntax-driven) editor for C#. And now, I hope to continue working on developer tools and share my thoughts via this blog.

Now about what you can expect here. Going meta is popular these days, in the age of DSL, intentional programming, language-oriented programming, and all those X-oriented-programmings out there. For me, going meta means reflecting on how developers develop software and how to develop good developer tools. That's why I'm interested in parsers and parse trees, compiler API, languages, syntax, language services, resolvers, editors and how to put all this stuff together in an extensible way. Clearly, I'm not the only one who's interested in this stuff.

Other than that, I'll also write about design, architecture, OOP and .NET programming.

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